Call for papers

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite the international community of scholars and practitioners of education and labour market to an upcoming academic event: EduMetric 2014 International Seminar on Educational Research and Measurement.

The seminar will take place in Krakow (Poland) between 6th and 8th of December 2014 at the Jagiellonian University. It is mostly sponsored by Educational Research Institute (Poland) (co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund) and organized by the Centre for Evaluation and Analysis of Public Policies (Jagiellonian University, Poland).

The seminar brings together some of the most distinguished researchers from the domains of educational measurement as well as labour market research.

Key-note speakers invited are:

  • Kyung (Chris) T. Han (Graduate Management Admission Council, Washington D.C.),
  • Stephen G. Sireci (University of Massachusetts, Amherst),
  • Lale Khorramdel-Ameri (University of Vienna)
  • Johann Bacher (Johannes Kepler University, Linz),
  • Jarosław Górniak (Jagiellonian University, Krakow),
  • Marian Niezgoda (Jagiellonian University, Krakow).

The seminar draws upon a decade-long tradition of joint Austrian-German-Macedonian-Polish research seminars gathering scholars from Krakow, Linz, Nuremberg and Skopje. EduMetric continues this valuable initiative in a rejuvenated formula.

This year apart from education labour market is the second strand which shapes the seminar's profile. Well managed interplay of these two areas is a necessary condition for any successful economy. Policy makers, school principals, teachers, entrepreneurs and managers often call for the support of psychometricians for their service in educational testing, certification, licensure and competence diagnosis. The services of researchers are desired for investigating social mechanisms which form the teaching, learning and working context. Provision of valid and reliable information is a must for evidence-based policy and an indispensable support for day-to-day actions of educators at schools and managers at companies.

Submissions of abstracts should pertain to the seminar topic broadly construed including, but not limited to: applied psychometrics, social mechanisms investigation in the domains of education and labour market, school education, lifelong learning, evaluation of education and labour market policies, andinterplay between them. Special focus will be given to international comparisons and practical applications.

The seminar aims at promoting the exchange of relevant ideas, scientific information, and best research practices. An overarching purpose is to foster development of a new generation of researchers, psychometricians and data analysts.

Seminar fee: No fee.

Date and place: 6th (start at 1 pm) - 8th (closing at 1:30 pm) December 2014, Krakow (Jagiellonian University, Collegium Novum and Auditorium Maximum), Poland.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Krakow!

Submissions and presentations guidelines

Submissions: Deadline for submissions of abstracts is 31st October 2014. Please send an extended abstract according to the specifications below to the following address:

Extended abstract requirements:

  • Length up to 1800 characters including spaces.
  • No tables and graphs allowed.
  • Written in English in *.doc(x) format.
  • Keywords (up to 5 keywords or phrases in alphabetical order).

Structured as follows:

  • Background and context: Brief introduction of a research problem and justification of its importance, contribution to the field of interest and/or practical implementations. Link your problem with available literature. Provide contextual information.
  • Research objectives: Include state of the research objectives, hypothesis, questions.
  • Methodology and methods: Explain the procedure, how the research objectives, hypothesis, questions were approached, provide arguments to convince the audience that obtained result can be trusted.
  • Results: Report study results.
  • Conclusions: Place obtained results in current state-of-the-art of domain studied. Sum-up the main findings/conclusions in a manner accessible to all.

Presentation requirements: A presentation should not exceed 15 min. Additional 15 min is reserved for discussions and feedback, especially from board of experts. Speakers can deliver their presentations just before the session starts.

Opportunity for young scholars: To offer as much support as possible to young scholars key-note speakers will actively participate as board of experts providing oral feedback on presentations during the seminar works. Experts will also provide detailed written review of selected papers considered as the most valuable. Authors of the papers selected by the experts will be offered to publish in EDUKACJA. If you are willing to get written feedback from experts and to publish in EDUKACJA please submit your ful length paper by 23rd November 2014 after acceptance of your extended abstract.

Full paper requirements:

  • Length: up to 40 000 characters including spaces (the literature cited not included).
  • Abstract: up to 1000 characters included in total word count. Font 10 Times New Roman.
  • Keywords: (up to 5 keywords or phrases in alphabetical order).
  • Tables: content in Calibri font, size 11. A title above a table.
  • Non-color graphs: (300 dpi) with a title below.
  • Written in English in *.doc(x) format. Font 12 Times New Roman.
  • Recommended structure: Abstract, 1. Introduction (including background, context, research objectives, article plan), 2. Methodology and methods, 3. Results, 4. Discussion, 5. Conclusions, 6. References, 7. Appendices (if needed).
  • Subdivide your article in clearly defined sections numbered 1.1 (then 1.1.1, 1.1.2, ...), 1.2, etc.
  • Italics are not to be used for expressions of Latin origin, for example, in vivo, et al., per se.
  • Use commas (not decimal points).
  • Use a space for thousands (10 000 and above).
  • Citations and references to be organized according to APA 6th Edition standards.